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Is it possible to have more than two ursims?

Is it possible to configure multiple Vmware with the serial number of one virtual robot to make multiple robots move individually?

Not sure I’m understanding your question right, but I will try to answer it.

  • Can you run more than one virtual URsim with Oracle or VMware at a time? Yes

  • Can you communicate between two URsim’s? Simple answer is yes, but you have to setup some network configurations

  • Can you have one URsim control the other (Client/Server)? Again simple answer is yes, look at modbus communication if you want to have handshaking or one mimicking the other

  • Can you communicate between +2 URsims at the same time? Not sure, I’ve only connected two (but now I want to try). Theoretically you should be able to have a main client simulator and several servers communicating back to it. You need to check the ip addresses in both the virtual Linux machines (not in Polyscope but Linux terminal) and the PC generated ip addresses as well. I kind of remember setting things up but these will make or break the application.

Someone with more experience with URsims may have a better answer for you, but hope that helps and best of luck!

Hi @michael.r.mercer

Thank you for the reply.

I’ll attach a picture.

What I want is, like the picture above, when two UR3 robots with the same serial number are configured in one Unity program on one PC, I wonder if it is possible to command different motions to the two robots with two VMWAREs.