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Introducing MyFirstURCap video-series

Are you just getting started with URCaps Development?

We are here to help you!

But first, lets get the fundamentals set straight.
To help you get started, you can find the Getting Started section in the header.

A particularly good place to start reading from is the Develop a URCap-article.
Reading this article, and continuing with the “/Next step” link will take you through the fundamentals.

Already read those? :nerd_face: Ahh, alright!
Why not continue your journey with the MyFirstURCap video series, that take you the development of your first URCap; LightUp.
You can jump right in here: MyFirstURCap Introduction

Following the MyFirstURCap videos, you will create your very first URCap Program Node, and learn which steps to take, when creating your own cool UR+ projects.

Happy development!
All your feedback is naturally welcome :writing_hand:

The UR+ Team