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Internal Self Guided Preventative Maintenance / Calibration

Not sure if this has already been requested, I apologize if it has. Also not sure if this is even feasible but thought it might make for a neat/useful feature.


Simple PM & Robot Calibration Guide that will 1) show after certain amount of time based on controller’s internal clock 2) display interactive checklist for user to fill out 3) non-disruptive to normal function (basically notification icon in corner shows up and you can choose to perform or ignore)

What is it?

Internal checklist for preventative maintenance and calibration of robotic arm which is displayed to teach pendant after certain periods of time. This will ask user if they want to perform preventative maintenance and/or calibration on the robot and controller.

Why is it needed?

Basically I’m asking for this because:

  1. no need to have an external word document or train new maintenance people (large organization, people change positions often) Directions I want to give to maintenance for their records: instruct maintenance operator to go to icon on pendant > confirm password > warn operator that robot programs and other functionality of robot will be suspended until completion of tests > pendant asks operator to bring required tools such as multimeter, small screw driver set, and control box key > pendant walks them through all the steps (pictures included) > Maintenance operator confirms password again > pendant returns to normal use

  2. CALIBRATION/CERTIFICATION, we have a metrology group that needs to confirm the FORCE and TORQUE values of the robot aren’t drifting over time and if they are properly calibrate and approve it for continued production use. The way I understand it is that the motors are sensing loads applied on the joints but wrist 3 is either a load cell or some sort of force/torque sensor? Even if that’s the case, these need to be calibrated, right? (I might need some clarification please and thank you) anyways we use the force mode in our lab and not in production. It would be nice to have a kit or something to bring to the robot (not need a stand and/or dual robot setup) to re-certify it and easy visual instructions for someone to follow.

Example Steps in Guide:
A. screen with Teach Pendant Emergency Stop Image caption: “press Emergency Stop on Pendant” > operator presses E-Stop > pendant asks for operator to release E-Stop > operator releases E-Stop > pendant moves to next step

B. screen shows operator how to check I/O using multimeter

I know once you start adding end-effectors, robot suits, etc… things change in the PM but this guide would be strictly specific for the Robot (of course if the ability to add stuff to the guide was added, bonus points)

Sorry super late and just thought of this so I wanted to ask, hopefully it makes sense.