Installing Vision 24V DC to UR3e

Good day, I am trying to install Visor V20 to UR3e, and I have no idea on how to connect the 24v dc to the controller box.

I would be appreciated if you helped me !

Thank you


Hi Junghyun,

You will first have to check the V20’s manual and find the table that details which colour wire and its designations. From what I can find it says: (Please check the manual that you are given)
Pin 1 BN - Ub (24V DC)
Pin 2 BU - GND

This means that you can connect the brown wire to any of the terminal in the UR controller that says “24V”, and the blue wire to any of the UR controller terminal that says “0V”. You can use any one from the configurable or normal digital input outputs. Again please check your V20 manual for the correct wire colour codes.

Thank you so much for your kind assistance.

so all 12 cables should be connected right?

You really should look more into what you need for your project with the camera. :slight_smile: And how it is wired for your needs.

For the camera to turn on and the LAN port to be active, you only need to connect Brown to any 24V and Blue to any 0V.
If you’re using the Visor URCap, you most likely don’t need to connect anything else, since all the necessary signals will be transfered over LAN (without knowing the Visor URCap personally. That’s how it usually works).
So you will need to connect the camera LAN port to the controller network port, as well. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much ! It is now working properly !! Have a great day ^^


we are not constantly monitoring this forum. I only saw this thread by chance and probably much too late.
Please contact your local SensoPart distributor or for any inquiries.

By the way:
We also offer 3-wire (24V, GND, Trigger) cables. It makes sense to order those when it is clear that the communication is via ethernet and not digital io, like in many robot projects. These are also the default components of our “UR Starter Packages”

Thank you and best regards

Dr. Klaus Berdel
Product Management Vision
SensoPart Industriesensorik GmbH