Installing URSIM on ubuntu 22.04

It seems like ubuntu 22.04 no longer supports lib32gcc1 which seems to be a requirement for install the simulator. Installing lib32gcc-s1 which replaces this package, doesn’t help since libxmlrpc-c-ur depends on the old package. Is there a nice fix to this?

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I’m havin the same Problem. Has anyone figured out how to solve this yet?

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Same problem here. Anyone figure it out?

A lot of components in the current UR system is ageing. That is why Polyscope 6 is under its way. My recommendation is to take a look at the Docker image available here

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Thanks that helped a lot!
I have a question:
Everytime I run the docker command, the robot always resets all the configurations(TCP, PAYLOAD), how can I keep it?

sudo docker run --rm -it -p 5900:5900 -p 6080:6080 -p 30001:30001 -v “${HOME}/urcaps:/urcaps” -e VNC_PASSWORD=easybot universalrobots/ursim_e-series

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@tulio your problem is the --rm part in the docker command, either map a volume for ursim configuration store or use docker create once and then docker start.

Details of how to use Docker are a bit long and involved to explain here but there are tons of websites and video tutorials dedicated for it.

I fixed the probelm in changing the lib32gcc in the .sh to Lib 32gcc-s1-amd64-cross. First you have to install the lib with sudo install, change the .sh, start the installation of ur sim and restart the system. After that URSIM also works on ubuntu 22.04