Installation Variables Matrix

Hi there,

is it possible to create a Matrix in the installation variables section?

example: var1= [[0,0,0],[0,0,0]]

I found the possibility to create an array of poses wich is close to what i need.


You can’t do this directly in Polyscope in the ‘Installation->Variables’ section. The Polyscope editor just won’t allow it. However, you could do it directly in script within the program (but of course this would not exist in the ‘installation section’ of the program BUT, it would be a global variable declaration). I think the only way to do this and place it within the installation section would be to create a URcap that would give you an interface to allow this.

Is this something that could potentially be added to storing information in the installation in future updates of Polyscope, say I wanted to make a string array {“full”,“empty”,“half”}, now I know I can just use [1,2,0.5] but it would be nice to store different types of data and use an index function to pull an element out to display in a popup or send over socket.

OK, I’m a bit confused by your last comment. You can already do what you describe (array of strings or integers or floats). What you cannot do today is create arrays containing arrays (your original description). So what is it exactly that you want to do?

Also, why do you want to create it in the installation? Is it because you want it shared by multiple programs or is it because you want the data to be retentive (stored at power down, etc)?

Ah yes my bad sorry completely missed this, I have 5.9 running on one of my robots, just tried saving [“asd”,“asd”] in installation on the one running 5.11 and it worked (whoops looks like i need to update the firmware). Ignore my question.

Hi, thanks for the Help.
So now my turn to ask you if it is possible in future releases that a Matrix can be stored in the installation variables section.

This would help us to save some PartType Data.