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Include other source code files from script


we are using URScript to implement a quite complex programm. In order to keep the code clean we want to split the source code into multiple files. Is there a possibility to do so?

How are you planning to execute the script code? If you will use Polyscope then you can add multiple script file nodes to your program and they will all be combined together and sent to the controller upon execution. You can get the code from multiple files but the whole program should be sent to the controller at once.

@gretzki we do it just the opposite, we develop in multiple files and then use some software that we open-sourced to bundle those files into a single file which is then used on the robot. It also gives us the ability to heavily document the code using comments and then strip those comments out when we are bundling the code to be deployed.

You can learn more about the tool by visiting this blog post or in GitHub

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