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[IMPLEMENTED] List of variables - drop down selection

It would be useful to have access to list of all variables that are defined in a program where the UR_cap is used. If my UR_cap does some calculation and stores it in a variable, I’d like the user to be able to select this variable from a drop down list just like in the regular assign node. The same goes for poses.


Thank you for the feature request, @veltrubsky

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I think this one is good!
The functions can be registered using the FunctionModel inside the URCapAPI object; it would be nice to register variables in a similar way (a VariableModel inside the API maybe?)


We would also need this. This feature is a missing link between the URcaps way of working and the more classical Polyscope way of working.

For a URCap to work with a variable, this might in some cases be more robust, if done using functions.
As you have the ability to create functions in the Functions list under the Expression editor, it is possible to create your own _set() and _get() functions to read or write a variable used by the URCap.
This could in some cases make it more transparent to the user, what happens to a variable when worked with.

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Yes, that is indeed a good workaround.
There is one use case that is not covered: using a variable as a position for a waypoint.
As far as I understand, only variables are listed there, and variable names cannot be written manually. Is there a workaround for that?

I was just wondering if there’s an update about this one. It would be great to be able to define variables from a plugin, and then use those variables as waypoints in the program :slight_smile:

A feature request have been created for this functionality.
Stay tuned!

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Check out the new 3.5 release, this feature have now been implemented.
Release of 3.5

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