IllegalArgumentException: Null is not accepted as argument for parameter

I’m getting the error shown below every time I try to start the program. This wasn’t an issue yesterday and I’m not sure what could have changed. The issue seems to be located in URCaps with a variable called getResolvedVariableName. I didn’t create this variable so I’m thinking it must be created in the urcap automatically. However it doesn’t give me a script line to go look it up in. If anyone has any idea what is causing this error I’d really appreciate some pointers.

System information:
URCap = Festo Gripper OVEL (a vacuum gripper)
Robot = UR5E
Program = A palletize/ depalletize setup

Let me know if you need any more information.


Reverted to a save from the day before and added in all needed updates. Thankfully I didn’t have to do too much, and it works now. I’m still not sure what caused this.

You’re using the built-in palletizing function I’m guessing? I would definitely forward this along to UR directly, if possible. They’ve got a bug in their code, apparently. Looks like it’s trying to get the name of a variable that it didn’t correctly generate.

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I started getting this today on a UR10e with Robotiq grippers. Did fimware updates and ran fine all day. went to save all and this message started popping up every time trying to play. any other solutions?

Try rebooting. Otherwise you may need to contact robotiq

I had the same issue 2 weeks ago. I powered off and back on and haven’t had it come up again.