IllegalArgumentException: Null is not accepted as argument for parameter

I’m getting the error shown below every time I try to start the program. This wasn’t an issue yesterday and I’m not sure what could have changed. The issue seems to be located in URCaps with a variable called getResolvedVariableName. I didn’t create this variable so I’m thinking it must be created in the urcap automatically. However it doesn’t give me a script line to go look it up in. If anyone has any idea what is causing this error I’d really appreciate some pointers.

System information:
URCap = Festo Gripper OVEL (a vacuum gripper)
Robot = UR5E
Program = A palletize/ depalletize setup

Let me know if you need any more information.


Reverted to a save from the day before and added in all needed updates. Thankfully I didn’t have to do too much, and it works now. I’m still not sure what caused this.

You’re using the built-in palletizing function I’m guessing? I would definitely forward this along to UR directly, if possible. They’ve got a bug in their code, apparently. Looks like it’s trying to get the name of a variable that it didn’t correctly generate.

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