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IF node inserts Eles/ElseIf nodes in a locked child sequence


  • Affected Robot Software Version(s):
    Tested on several versions (5.8, 3.13) and all had the same results


URCap User Expecrience

Issue details

When creating a URCap with a locked child sequence (i.e. setChildSequenceLocked(true)), but with an IF node child, then that IF node can insert Else and ElseIf nodes using the buttons it provides, but it cannot remove them because the sequence is locked.

Project status at point of discovered

While testing out the functionality. Early on in the development.

Steps to Reproduce

Simply create a URCap, lock its child sequence and add an IF node.
Use the URCap and click on the Add Else and Add ElseIf buttons on the IF command.

Expected Behavior

The If node should either not be able to add the Else and ElseIf nodes or it should be able to remove them if it is able to add them.

Actual Behavior

The If node is able to add the extra nodes, but it cannot remove them

Workaround Suggestion

The workaround is to use the Undo (if the user changes their mind in time).

Unfortunately this bug still exists in PolyScope version 5.10.0. Does anyone know when this bug will be fixed?