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I/O Register problem


My title maybe a bit confusing but i’ll try to explain it the best way i can.

As you can see in the picture bellow i have marked the values that i have typed in to the output_integer_register(0) and number 1 slot. So the question is why do they NOT show up on the register[0 and 1] place where i now have this random numbers.

I have also run a script that takes the value from integer (0 and 1) and places them in an variable to se if i did something wrong from the UR panel.

Curently im using the UR_T2O Data type for this tag but when i use the UR_T2O_Int_Register Data type the values does not show up. Are they the same even?

Have I done something wrong in the second picture over the UR module view or is it on the plc that is wrong?

And yes i have checked and followed the tutorials as good as i can but can not seem to find the problem.

Best regards Martin.