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Html render engine?

What engine is being used to render the HTML installation/program nodes? My pages are displaying slightly differently between Firefox and Polyscope.

Hi Eric, not positive on how to describe the engine. I know that Polyscope only supports a small amount of HTML.

The API tells you which HTML is supported as you probably know but just in case you can download that here. Getting started as a +YOU developer

Typically I like using a online HTML viewer to easily adjust the HTML besides that I write some HTML within Eclipse and run it through the simulator.

PolyScope interprets the HTML and renders it into out current Swing platform implementation.
For fast testing, a regular browser works OK.
But it is more valid to test the PolyScope rendering, by deploying the URCap to URSim.

hi do you have some docs about what HTML elements i can actually to use ?

it is difficult for me to design the GUI. thank you man…

@jubeira suggested it in this post.

Download URCaps SDK -----> This contains a lot of information about development. The API document provides the supported CSS and HTML options.