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HTML browser component with JavaScript support inside Polyscope

We want to give an option to developer to configure our server application (= external software which is required for our urcap) directly from Polyscope interface, i.e. from the Installation node.

Natural choise would be to create swing-based UI and connect it with the server (it supports multiple interfaces, i.e. REST).

On the other hand the server already has a web interface which we could adopt for the robot display (resolution, style, etc), so the only problem is how to access this interface from UI. There is no html browser with JavaScript in Swing, so there is no solution out of the box (?).

Does it make sence to intergate another browser component from another UI library (i.e. JavaFX)? If we will succeed, will UR accept out URcap with an integrated browser?

From a product certification point of view, I would not recommend to create a new browser on top of or layered in PolyScope.
I would recommend to create a UI using the Swing based UI, that reflects the configuration options that are required in PolyScope, but in the native design and layout of PolyScope.