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How to use more than 50 allowed Threads?

Dear all,

I am using a thread to monitor an input signal whenever it is required in the program sequence.
The thread is created in Installation Node and called from the Program Node when required.

As i am calling and killing the thread in the same URCap, the thread is created as many times the URCap is used in the program sequence.

The current situation is i could use only 50 one particualr URCap in the program as i get an error “Cannot create thread: All 50 allowed threads are used by the program”.

I would like to use more than 50 URCaps and at the same time use the thread to monitor the input signal when required in the program.
How do i solve this problem?

Thank you, in advance for your help.

There is hard limit of 50 threads in controller.
Could you post script code example?
Potentially you could create a monitoring thread in installation contribution, and then communicate status through global variable.

Thanks a million.

Communicating just by using the ‘global variable’ solved the problem.