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Reaching 50 allowed Threads with only one defined

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using URsim in a VirtualBox
version (nov 15 2019)

I have created a URCap that uses threads for various tasks and somehow I suddenly reached the 50 threads limit in the simulation.
Then I tried to delete all URCap from the simulation and restart the simulation. After this, the program won’t accept any new threads making the error that the 50 thread cap has been reached.

My question, can I somehow clear the unused threads?
and is this only a problem in simulation?

thanks in advanced this forum have helped a lot with other problem I’ve had.

The problem also happens when another type is used ie. UR5 and UR3

Please try to uncheck the checkbox “Program Loops Forever” in the Main program and see if it helps.

yeah, it was that.
come to think about it, it make a lot of sense thanks for fast responce