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How to sett a flag on a UR5e from python using rtde


I am new to using ur-robots and need to check the communication delay between my python code and the UR5e robot that I use. My plan for doing this is to have a python program seating a flag in the UR5e robot and then measure how long time it took for the python program to register that the flag have been sett. This time would be double the communication delay.

However I am having trouble to find an example on how to set a flag.

I am currently using set.flag and get.flag on the ur-script inside of the teaching pendant and a variable that is sent from the computer to the UR5e. But it is problematic.

Is there an easier way or an example that I can follow?

Eric R

Hi @eric.ragnarsson,

It seems those flags are not available through RTDE. I think you’d be better off setting the state of a general purpose boolean register. The RTDE interface should communicate at the frequency you define when you establish the connection.