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Python ur-e get/set signals

how I can read a signal , set the signal on / off and (if it was possible to) set a point or a variable, Through a python script.
if you can i need a deep explaination of the procedure if external libraryes are needed.

thanks a lot!

Hi @francesco.menci, the RTDE interface is the preferred method for this kind of interaction with the robot. Check out the python samples at the bottom of this page:


the example of rtde communication is really dispersive and the examples are not very clear to me. I was wondering if it was possible to have an example of how to switch on / off a bit, check the status of a bit and set the coordinates of a pick point

Hey @francesco.menci I have recently released an interface where you can do this over RTDE. See this forum post Universal Robots RTDE C++/Python Interface

An example of your use case in python would be something like:

import rtde_receive
import rtde_control 
rtde_r = rtde_receive.RTDEReceiveInterface("")
rtde_c = rtde_control.RTDEControlInterface("")

# Set standard digital out 
rtde_c.setStandardDigitalOut(0, True)
# Get standard digital output bits,  returns current state of the digital outputs. 0-7: Standard, 8-15: Configurable, 16-17: Tool
# Mask the bits you want.

# Go to a pick point 
pick_point = [-0.143, -0.435, 0.20, -0.001, 3.12, 0.04]
speed = 0.5
acceleration = 0.3
rtde_c.moveL(pick_point, speed, acceleration)

Checkout the documentation with examples and API here: https://sdurobotics.gitlab.io/ur_rtde/index.html