How to send joint positions from an external program?

I am currently working with the UR16e, and I want to achieve teleoperation.
So, from an external software (Unity 3D) Where I have a virtual UR16e representation which I move, then I get the position and send it to the real one.

I have tried using ServoJ and MoveJ,
But I don’t get results.
Using TCP/IP this is the command I send.

servoj([0.19,-1.73,-2.2,-0.81,1.6,-0.03], t =0.002, lookahead_time =0.05, gain =500)
servoj([0.2,-1.73,-2.2,-0.81,1.6,-0.03], t =0.002, lookahead_time =0.05, gain =500)
servoj([0.21,-1.73,-2.2,-0.81,1.6,-0.03], t =0.002, lookahead_time =0.05, gain =500)

With this command, the robot moves but does not move continuously. It stops at every command.
Is there any way to make the movement continuous?

Thanks for your help.