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How to recover from remote control?

I have a UR5e 5.8. I sometimes end up in recovery stafety status (see this post). I would like to be able to recover the arm without having to connect a teach-pendant/screen and switching to local control.

Is there a way to exit the recovery stafety status in remote control?

Hi @hla,

As I know, if you entered the recovery mode, you would have to use manual operations to make the robot come back into the normal situation. Therefore, I do not think you could skip it by using other ways.


I agree with SYA but one method that might work is to log in remotely via VNC and use the polyscope GUI to recover as if you had the full teach pendant. If this is interesting to you then search within this forum for the VNC topic where you can download the VNC server magic file and install it on the robot.

Yes, or by SSH via XForwarding. But do not see myself asking my users to use the Polyscope instead of my software if the arm enters recovery mode.

According to the popup itself, it is “just” a Protective Stop (C403A0), and you should be able to unlock the robot again through the dashboard server with the “unlock protective stop” command while in Remote Mode.
After unlocking the stop, the robot is operable again.

Notice the "should"s. I have not attempted to unlock this type of protective stop remotely before, but the command works on “normal” protective stops caused by collisions and the sort. :slight_smile:

Check this article: Dashboard Server e-Series, port 29999 - 42728

It is sadly not possible to disable this safety function. It was introduced on the e-series as a precaution against getting your hands squeezed between the joints, as far as I know.
In my opinion, it should be possible to disable this function, since a lot of applications have external safety hardware setup to prevent people accessing the robot and application. :slight_smile:

Yes, it is just a protective stop. However:

If the system is outside a safety limit at start-up (e.g. outside a joint position limit),the special Recovery Mode is

(as per the user manual).

So if the arm is rebooted before quitting the “safety zone”, it enter recovery mode.

This is not an ordinary safety limit, though. It seems to “just” be a warning.

I just tested it on the robot beside me. :slight_smile:

I made the robot enter the zone by itself, and it resulted in the C403A0 protective stop. I clicked Enable Robot, and I was able to continue without entering any Recovery Mode.

“Enable Robot” as in no reinitializing or anything. The robot was merely paused. “Enable Robot” returned the robot to normal status.