How to interact with OnRobot Eye Box?

Our laboratory have just purchased an UR3e with OnRobot Eyes. We want to implement a automatic collaboration scenario with other robots running ROS 2. We have success in installing ROS 2 to control the UR3e; however, we have don’t find a way to get information from the OnRobot Eyes and OnRobot Gripper 2FG7 or send commands to them. Both connect to an OnRobot Eye Box. We found the OnRobot Compute Box is another type of box that provide a control interface.

So my questions are:
1- Does the OnRobot Eye Box has the same control interface with the OnRobot Compute Box ?
2- Do you have any solution so that we can also use ROS 2 with OnRobot devices ?

Please share some experiences to us. Thank you in advance.

Here is the link about the controller interface API of OnRobot Compute Box