How to install Polyscope on Macbook pro M1


I am unable to find a solution on how to install the polyscope on Macbook pro M1, I tried to use many virtual machine but it failed or it was too slow.

Please help me out.

Thanks in advance.

As far as I know, the virtual machines provided by UR are the only way to simulate Polyscope. cough mac sucks cough

can you help me like virtualbox is the only one that supports offline version for universal robots that i’m aware of, but I tried to install virtualbox in new arm version of mac and it failed.

Please help me if you have any solutions

I am thinking: do you have access to a Windows machine? If you can open the VM with Virtual Box there, you can export it to a .ova file (if that isn’t the format already provided by UR).
.ova VMs can be also imported into VMWare Player. Try to install it on Macbook and if it is successful, import the VM from an .ova file.

I am not a big fan of Apple neither, but leaving one of the main computer OS without a possible basic solution such as a VM being functional is a total backfire for UR
cough so many Polyscope installation issues left unanswered in this forum cough mac isn’t the only one who sucks cough

I don’t think there are many businesses left using Macs except for graphics design. This is the first thread I remember reading where the user used Mac for their (I am assuming) manufacturing business. They’ve gone the way of Myspace.

/flame-suit: on/
I don’t think I blame UR for not wasting time with it.
/flame-suit: off/

I tried with this solution to install it in the VMware but the same issue of architecture difference between ARM and x86 is troubling me.
Is there any other solution ? I am very frustrated with this, please help me.

Thanks in advance.

I do not have a Mac, so I just googled “arm virtual machine emulators for mac”, and a couple of blogs popped out:

They basically mention that VirtualBox is not an option, that VMWare Fusion is still on progress and that the most recommendable approaches are Parallels and UTM.
Good luck

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Spend $400.00USD on a PC or Linux box and quit trying to wrestle with Mac.

You know how Windows got in trouble for trying to force everyone to use their crappy Internet Exploder web browser? Mac does that with their hardware in order to force you to spend more money to make your other apps (and peripherals) work. Iphonie’s are the same. Hence why I will never own anything apple/mac ever again.