Announcement: Conclusions of PolyScope beta program

Dear UR community,

We constantly strive to make the user experience and functionality of our robots easier and more powerful to use. Over the last few quarters, you’ve probably heard about some of the new major developments we are undertaking in our PolyScope-software. We’re blown away by the great interest and activity we have seen during our recent beta programs. Thank you!

From your feedback and from customers, we have learned that the very close release of several PolyScope software versions along with some related hardware compatibility considerations has led to some complexity at best and confusion at worst. To make our offering simple and clear and to deliver impactful improvements as quickly as possible, we have decided to simplify our planned product releases. What that means from a practical standpoint is that we have decided not to release PolyScope 6 and instead to offer many of the new planned PolyScope 6 features in either PolyScope 5 and/or PolyScope X releases.

We will send out and post further communications around upcoming releases in the form of Product Announcements and Release Notes.


YOUR Universal Robots Development Team

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Thanks for the update.
love the more incremental approach.

but based on your last polyscope 6 post, it was my understanding that a improved controlbox with a 64bit processor and updated versions of python, c++ and java was suppose to be released along side polyscope 6.
How does this effect this planned hardware release?

Best Regards Casper

Thats disappointing. updated daemon/backend utilities and java are sorely needed. we were really looking forward to container backends.

what about the updated control box hardware?

what exactly is included in “many of the new planned PolyScope 6 features” that will be released to 5.14+?

we need the system improvements more than we need a new gui…

It remains our plan to introduce new performance upgrades to the control box, including additional memory, disk, and CPU.
This includes an upgrade for the standard product line, as well as an even more powerful upgrade for systems with PolyScope X and the updated backend software.

Our guiding principle for how we distribute features is that new value-adding features, that does not affect compatibility of URCaps and existing installations (no migration needed) will be targeting PolyScope 5 (ex. 5.15, 5.16, …). They will also be available on PolyScope X. Examples hereof include improved Freedrive performance, a powerful kinematics engine, coordinated motion support, and several new URScript functionalities. .
The upgraded backend technologies (Docker, ROS2, 64-bit OS, as well as several new URCap capabilities) will be targeting PolyScope X exclusively.

This allows URCap developers to focus on a single migration effort to PolyScope X, reducing overhead in maintaining several compatible versions and release procedures. If you have already been involved in the PolyScope 6 beta program, the backend of PolyScope X is generally the same. PolyScope X further brings a wealth of new opportunities for partners, as we have developed it based on an “API first” approach - in effect, we build the product using the same APIs our partners can use, allowing a high degree of customization and contributions for partners.

We will be reaching out through the forum, as we near the next stage of beta testing for new versions of PolyScope and the consolidated SDK.

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