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How to implement pose_trans() in python


I’m trying to implement the pose_trans() function in Python to control UR10 robot in real time with RTDE. In order to achieve it, I tried to convert a pose variable in a homogeneous transformation matrix and operating with it.

The problem is that the rotation matrix I got is not the correct one.

How can I implement pose_trans() function to operate with pose variables? If it is not posible, how could I calculate the homogeneous transformation matrix properly from pose variables (p[X, Y, Z, Rx, Ry, Rz])?

Thanks in advanced!

I think this may have what you are looking for in it.



Thanks for your help but the problem I had was that i did not know how the pose variables represent the orientation. I thought this representation is made by using RPY angles but by default, UR robots use rotation vector.

I attach the link I found to find out this information: Universal Robots - Explanation on robot orientation

Thanks again!