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How to Fault the Robot Safely for Testing

Hey Guys i am working with a UR 10e interfacing with a PC. Does anyone know how i can safely fault the robot for testing purposes?

Maybe try toggling a reduced mode using very restrictive settings so you can fault the robot without much physical effort or safety risk.

I simulate faults by grabbing the arm while it is moving. Maybe not the best way… but I’d rather have it fault according to my will in a controlled environment to understand how my software handles faults then wait until it happens in a deployed setting.

Hi chase.fearing

Consider using the safety Inputs for triggering a fault to avoid the risk of you getting hurt.
The safety inputs are duplicated and the system should fault if one e-stop input is set without the other (after a very short delay).
You can use the general purpose digital outputs wired to an e-stop input.
I hope it helps, stay safe!