How to calibrate ensenso camera with UR5 robot?

i need to work with UR5 robot to grip some objects in the workspace. The workspace is mapped using ensenso depth cameras. I want to calibrate the depth camera w.r.t to UR5 workspace so that objects can be located precisely. The ensenso camera is mounted at a fixed place so I need a eye-to-hand calibration. I am working remotely using C# language. Any help will be much appreciated.

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To calibrate camera coordinates to the robot, you need to find the transform camera to robot. You can do this by first measuring three 3D points in the camera space and then the exact same points with the robot. This gives you a set of equations of the form tgt = [R|T]src

The R & T can then be solved, giving you the full solution for the transformation. Note that the transformation is from camera to whatever tool coordinate system you’ve used to measure the corresponding points