Get I/O's Via RTDE

Hi there,

We are trying to get I/O information from the robot via RTDE. But the library doesn’t give us possibility to write the script correctly ( Real-Time Data Exchange (RTDE) Guide - 22229 (
Do you have any recommendation what we can do?


The best way is using RTDE.
I had uploaded the sample for monitoring the IOs.

Please refer from the sample category.

Thanks for response.
In the sample category from the link mentioned above? Honestly I couldn’t find there a sample for getting I/O’s with rtde via python.
Also, I couldn’t find the function in library neither.

RTDE code in my sample is written by java.

Thanks for the sample.
I mainly look for possibilities for python3. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it anywhere. Libraries supplied by UR website doesn’t give a possibility to get such kind of information.