How do I create and use a Pallet Plane

How do I program a pallet plane? I current lift straight up from -Z but need to do it a 10° angle instead for clearance.

Are you trying to put the whole pallet at 10°? or just pick/extract your parts at an angle?

if you want the whole pallet array to be at an angle, the palletizer wizard will automatically compensate when you set the 4 corners of your pallet. I personally have not tried it, but there is an option to select a reference feature in the main palletizer command screen. It defaults to Base. just be warned - you probably cant change this after teaching your pallet. you will mostlikely need to re-teach the pallet if you change the reference feature.

if you are just trying to extract your parts at an angle,
I believe the palletizer sets up a linear move to approach and exit. so you have full control over the approach point, pick point, exit point. it will move linearly between them. In this case, simply change your exit point and it will extract your part linearly from the tool action point to the exit point. if you want to grip your part at your 10° angle, change your tool action point to this new angle.

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