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How can set new signal name into I/O Setup which changed at UR Caps view

Dear UR+ Development Support

We are developing new view at UR Caps to define signal names. See follow image “View1”

For example “digital_in[2]” —> digital_in[2]: Start program

As result we want set new name “Start program” into I/O Setup and display it. See follow image” View2”

Please tell us which function should be used? We cannot find in “scriptManual.pdf”.

Also it should change default.installation or not?



Using the API of the IO, the following methods can be called --> link:

Which means that we can only retrieve information about the name of the IO, but the api does not support setting name of the IOs. This could be a feature request.

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Thank you very much!

We will use the I/O Setup to set signal names.
And hope your new version coming soon.

Thanks again.


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