Set I/O Action in Program via SDK

In the Installation Settings, under I/O Setup, the user can set an I/O’s actions.
For example, an input can be assigned to Program start or Freedrive.
An output can be assigned to Low when program is stopped.
Does anyone know if these settings be set using Java?


From the script manual, keyword search for “runstate”

You can put this in your generateScript() method, otherwise you’ll have to send the script via socket to change it on, for example, a button press.

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thanks @eric.feldmann!
i called that function from the generateScript of my installation contribution.
it seems to do the trick functionally, but am i correct that it doesn’t change the display in the I/O setting screen?
btw, i’m trying to set GP\bool_out[0] to set to low when program is stopped.

Correct, it does not update on the UI screen, but it does guarantee that any time your CAP runs, the runstate will be low when not running, since you put it in the installation node.

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got it.
thanks again, @eric.feldmann. you’ve been very helpful.