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How can I convert a .script file into a .urp file using Python?

For my Capstone Project, I’m currently trying to create a Python program that can turn drawing inputs from a tablet into a program that the UR10e Cobot can run to reproduce the drawing.

Using RoboDK, I can produce a .script file containing the program I need the Cobot to run and I can reproduce it in Python. But the UR10e Cobot doesn’t seem to be able to run a .script file.

RoboDK uses a post processor in order to convert a .script file into a .urp file but whenever I view the .urp file it shows the following:

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The following is the .script file that the prior pasted text is converted from

def Program1():

Global parameters:

global speed_ms = 0.250
global speed_rads = 0.750
global accel_mss = 1.200
global accel_radss = 1.200
global blend_radius_m = 0.001
global ref_frame = p[0,0,0,0,0,0]


Add any default subprograms here

For example, to drive a gripper as a program call:

def Gripper_Open():


Example to drive a spray gun:

def SprayOn(value):
# use the value as an output:
if value == 0:
set_standard_digital_out(DO_SPRAY, False)
set_standard_digital_out(DO_SPRAY, True)

Example to drive an extruder:

def Extruder(value):
# use the value as an output:
if value < 0:
# stop extruder
# start extruder

Example to move an external axis

def MoveAxis(value):
# use the value as an output:
DO_AXIS_1 = 1
DI_AXIS_1 = 1
if value <= 0:
set_standard_digital_out(DO_AXIS_1, False)

  # Wait for digital input to change state
  #while (get_standard_digital_in(DI_AXIS_1) != False):
  #  sync()
  set_standard_digital_out(DO_AXIS_1, True)
  # Wait for digital input to change state
  #while (get_standard_digital_in(DI_AXIS_1) != True):
  #  sync()


Main program:

Program generated by RoboDK v5.3.0 for UR10e on 19/11/2021 10:51:42

Using nominal kinematics.

ref_frame = p[0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000]
movej([0.006279, -1.569058, -1.580212, 0.007678, 1.564517, -0.000000],accel_radss,speed_rads,0,0)
movel(pose_trans(ref_frame,p[0.687885, -0.177384, 0.476310, -1.209200, 1.209200, -1.209200]),accel_mss,speed_ms,0,blend_radius_m)
movel(pose_trans(ref_frame,p[0.687885, 0.214064, 0.563335, -1.209200, 1.209200, -1.209200]),accel_mss,speed_ms,0,blend_radius_m)
movel(pose_trans(ref_frame,p[0.687885, 0.193313, 0.969911, -1.209200, 1.209200, -1.209200]),accel_mss,speed_ms,0,blend_radius_m)
movel(pose_trans(ref_frame,p[0.687885, -0.168872, 0.895841, -1.209200, 1.209200, -1.209200]),accel_mss,speed_ms,0,blend_radius_m)

End of main program



How is it possible to convert this .script file into the .urp file above?

I do not know of a way to convert a .script to a .urp file, but the UR10e should be able to run a script file using the “Script” Node under Programs → Advanced → Script. In this node you can choose between line or a file in the top right corner. From there you just click Edit → Open and then select the .script file you are wanting to use.