Hide program file from user

On CB3 using polyscope interface, is there any way to hide directories or programs? I have a main program that the user is supposed to use. In the directory that has the main program, I have another directory called “subprograms”. These are programs that are attached to the main program and the user shouldn’t be opening or using them independently. I would like them to be inaccessible to the user.

I just tested this on my eSeries, so I can’t speak for sure about CB, and your mileage may vary as far as compatibility/function, but you can just change the file to hidden via the underlying Linux terminal (assuming that’s accessible the same way on the CB series).

Plug in an external keyboard and press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to access the terminal. The username is root and the password is easybot

type “cd /programs” to get to the programs directory. You can type “ls” (that’s lowercase L) to List the files/folders. Folders should be blue, files are gray. To hide the entire subprograms folder, type “mv -v subprograms .subprograms” and then press enter. Now if you type ls and hit enter, you shouldn’t see this folder. If you type ls -a you will see it with a period in front of its name. Now it shouldn’t be visible in Polyscope anymore either. If you want to unhide it, you do the same process but change the name to remove the period. So “mv -v .subprograms subprograms”

Goes without saying that I would backup all your programs, as you can get in trouble in the terminal if you aren’t careful