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Old links broken on plus.universal-robots.com

Old links starting with https://plus.universal-robots.com/getting-started are broken since now the web pages are in https://plus.universal-robots.com/urcap-basics. I think it would be useful (if possible) to redirect old links to the new ones, to have working links in old forum posts, bookmarks, etc…

Hi @a.mora, thank you for sharing this discovery.

We pushed some changes to the plus.universal-robots.com that apparently caused some redirects to break. We have gone in and manually added a redirect to the pages you list above.

If you have any other bookmarks that are broken that you would like fixed, please post them here and we will address.

These are some bookmarks which give 404 - Page not found error:

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Thanks @a.mora, the redirects for those links are now set up. I will keep this topic open for now in case you dig up any more in the future. Feel free to @ me so I see the notification.