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Hardware licensing with a dongle and IP protection

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to find a way to protect my URCap and therefore protect the license.

Because I saw that there was the possibility of reverse-engineering the protection system and therefore the attacker could decompile my URCap.

The best thing would be to create an application to simulate the exchanges of the back-end task as if the protection key were present.

In addition, I did not manage to integrate the DLL of the API of IOLock to the java project of the URCap therefore the only solution that I found is to use the DLL with an app in C language who I call from my URCap in java.

I saw that there were other positions but unfortunately without great successes.
Thank you in advance !

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There is a company in Germany that could have a solution for you. https://www.robominds.de/en/urcaps-licence-solution/

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