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GP registers when using PLC

Hi everyone!

I have a doubt:

when it comes to a GP register you can use:

  • write_output_TYPE_register
  • read_output_TYPE_register
  • read_input_TYPE_register

And in all of those commands it is said:

The lower range of the boolean output registers [0:63] is reserved
for FieldBus/PLC interface usage. The upper range [64:127] cannot be
accessed by FieldBus/PLC interfaces, since it is reserved for external
RTDE clients.

I am not clear if this means that when using a PLC, the registers whose address is [0:63] are blocked and cannot be accesed by another source (socket i.e.).

Thanks in advance,

Any clarification would be useful. I would have tried myself but I do not have the PLC and robot physically (and I do not know if simulating both of them is an approach).