Getting force from UR3 Robot

Hello everyone!
I am running a UR3 robot on python using URX. And I have been trying to get the force using the command get_tcp_force() using python but each time it gives me this error.
AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘getTCFForce’

Would be grateful if someone could help me out.
Thanks in advance!


I am not familiar with the URX library but if you search this forum for ‘‘NoneType’’ or URX you might see some useful answers. I suspect URX is using RTDE and this is a connection problem. Are you running on WiFi (if so then try switching to a cable connection). Do you have a noisy/unstable network… try isolating? Do you have urcaps installed on the robot? Some urcaps will conflict with RTDE registers, try uninstalling urcaps.