Get TCP position relative to a user made feature plane

Would like a script command to read the current TCP relative to a user coordinate plane.

Ex. I am picking parts from a table setup in a grid. For this application I will most likely create a feature plane of the pick table. Lets call that Table_Plane. I would like to be able to monitor the position of the robot in Table_Plane coordinates. This would make alot more sense than base coordinates.

it could work something like this.

get_actual_tcp_pose(feature plane) enter 0 for base coordinates.


So if your TCP was right on the origin of the taught Feature you would want it to return [0,0,0, rx,ry,rz] correct?

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yes. that is correct.

I believe you are looking for something like this:

desired_pose = pose_trans(pose_inv(feature_plane), get_actual_tcp_pose())
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That will do it too. thought it would be nice if we could extract it with a single script command built into polyscope.