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Get (Safe) HomePosition from API or any Interface


i would like to use the Safe Home Position as a static Child Node of a URCap. This is for a safety reason, as the the Safety I/O can be configured to generate a two-channel Output when the Robot reached the Home Position. Is there any interface which outputs the Home Position?

The only thing i can see is that the Home Position is saved in the safety.conf.UR** File.

Hi, @m.birkholz

I have created the urcap for going safety home just now.
I uploaded this to github.
I am sorry if my urcap is not what you expected.

Hi, @fujikit

thank you for your answer.
What i’m looking for is the built-in (Safe) Home Position Node of the e-Series:

I can’t see a way to access this data insted parsing the safety config file :confused:
there is no variable or preamble in urscript i can use too.

I see.

I have never touch e-series, so I don’t know in detail about e-series. sorry.

Hi, @m.birkholz

If I use e-series, I may create the urcap to do this. :slight_smile:
I have created urcaps every time I want the some other features (ex: table for watching ethernet/IP IO, table for values of variables…and so on)
I also spent some time learning RTDE, which is quite valuable.

Hi @m.birkholz,

I do not think the data is available. But I think that is a feature that should be added to the backlog!

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