I/O enabled Freedrive signal missing in primary interface

I’ve had some issues with getting the external freedrive button signal through the Primary Remote Control Via TCP/IP interface on newer polyscope versions on the CB3 series.

In our application we’ve mounted a freedrive button on the TCP of a UR3 (CB3).
The button is set up as a freedrive button so it can be used to freedrive the robot when no program is running and while a program is running, we read from the Primary Remote Control Via TCP/IP interface to trigger the freedrive mode in the script running on the robot.

The problem occurs on some of our newer robots where the signals:

  • Masterboard data : digitalInputBits : and then tool input bits 8+9 are not set when the button is pressed.
  • Additional info : IOEnabledFreedrive : is not triggered when the freedrive button is pressed.

I’ve tested the exact same program version from our side on:

  • one UR3 robot running 3.12.0, where IOEnabledFreedrive=true, as expected when the external freedrive button is pressed, but thedigitalInputBits for the tool are NOT set.
  • two UR3 robots running 3.14.1, and one running 3.15.6, where IOEnabledFreedrive does NOT work and also NOT thedigitalInputBits.

The signal from the freedrive button on the TP does work as expected on the robots I’ve tested.

I’ve already checked that the IO button is connected properly, the blue indicator in the I/O tab light up blue when pressed, and it also correctly enables the freedrive mode if no other program is running (it just does not signal it).