Force Polishing

We are trying to polish 300mm long weld bead strips on a horizontal plane using a UR10e cobot in the force mode, however, it keeps faulting out when getting to the specified waypoints. This is because it can vary the position in z in order to maintain the specified force, but when it gets to the desired waypoint and leaves force mode, we believe it gets confused and faults out since it is not at the correct z location. Does anyone know a way around this issue?

Is this a new issue with an old process or a new process all together?

Maybe try before you leave force mode making a clearance move away from the part?

May need to post some code samples or give more info on what you’re doing.

It is a new process altogether. The problem with staying in force mode when going to a clearance pos. is that trying to lift it off doesnt work since it can no longer maintain the applied force so it still faults.

You may want to check your limits in forcemode, if you are using Polyscope you can set these compliant axes/limits in the program NODE as well

Not sure if you’ve already tried this but hope this helps, and best of luck!

I will try that thank you! Do you know what the setting would look like on the actual pallett?