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Abolish protective stop caused by position deviation

In my application, ur16e movel to apply 160N in the horizontal direction. The robot will stop because of position deviation. How to make robot move normally in this situation?


How are you making it apply the 160N of force? Just a MoveL with no Force applications?

Try lowering your safety parametres no matter what. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply!

I tried force mode. But in my application, the robot has to interact with a irregular surface, and apply a varied force.
So I wonder if there is a way to relax the constrain on positon deviation.

You should definitely work in force mode. If you do not, you will encounter safety stops, as you are now.
You could try to set the payload to 16kg right before the robot encounters the 160N. But I doubt this will work properly.

What if you use the Force template set to Frame and move it in either the x or y axis? You might have trouble with a varying force, but you could take a look at the force_mode script command. It is a bit more advanced, but it leaves you with more options such as the possibility of using a varying force value by using variables.

Page 22 here:

Thanks for your advice!
I will make more attempts.

Thanks for your advice!

I will make more attempts.