How to detect a colision and NOT get a safety stop

Good morning,

i have a problem that i don´t understand:

I´ve implemented a IF case in a threat to see the max force value.
i can see that the Force goes up until 70N (while running without a crash).

What i say (here at the pick position), is that if now my force is above 80, the Robot should move back to its Prepick-
Position (Pick_Vorpos). So i have put a metal plate above my bottles to see that error. Idky but the Robot goes into a safety stop and the Force value goes up to 180n!

With that stop condition (where i compare the force >80) would prevent me from getting into a safety stop.
Do u know why the Robot will go into a safety stop?

The Payload i set via Subroutine:
Since they have used vales where I´m not allowed to keep them powerized all the time, i have to use single pulses:


Greifer schließen (Close Gripper). Here i set payload to gripper holding

For Greifer_öffnen (Open Gripper):

You got any idea why the Robot will go to the safety stop?

The safety settings are still the “default” values:

Kind regards from Luxembourg