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Base coordinate system documentation

Is there some diagram or document that clearly shows and/or describes the basic reference x,y,z coordinate system of the robot?

This would be helpful in setting up a procedure to translate from camera pixel coordinates to robot coordinates.


Base coordinate system / Base feature:
Right-hand coordinate system, where Y is into the robot cable and Z-axis upwards through the centre of the Base joint.

Tool coordinate system / Tool feature
Right-hand coordinate system, where Y is away from the Tool connector, and Z is normal to the tool flange.

However, if there is a TCP offset defined, the Tool feature will be transformed by this offset, thus e.g.:

All script code moves or similar will have respect to the Base feature.

If you go to the Installation tab, choose Features > Base, and tick “Show axes”, then you will be able to see the Base coordinate system of the robot.
Then you can e.g. see it in the Move-tab.


Thanks -great diagrams and explanations!