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Extending UR robot arm length


Is it ok to extend the length of a UR 10 robot arm?What all things should be considered while doing so? Is warranty gets void if its done? Is there a way to reconfigure the robot dh parameters if the arm length is changed? Is there an easy way to find the weight at the TCP (mathematical way)due to this manual mechanical change?Thanks in advance.


I really don’t think modifying the structure of the robots is a good idea. If you do that the first impact will be on the coupling motors that will have to work harder because of the added weight and momentum resulting in a higher usage and extremely increasing the chances of failure. Another aspect to be taken in consideration is that the algorithms used in the firmware of the coupling and of the robot are designed for a certain construction of the robot, changing the construction will result in a bad behavior of the robot arm.
And, obviously, such a modification to the product (the UR) will result in warranty void.
All things considered I think you will do more harm than good of you try this approach.

I might be more helpful to you if you consider making a longer tool to attach to the robot and set the needed parameters for that tool, but even with the tool you have a certain length limit, you will have to check the UR manual for that.

Hope this helped.

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Hello David,

Thanks for your reply.I was thinking there was a way to update the DH parameters in the config file and changing it will automatically update the robot algorithms.But I never thought about the problems related to the coupling motors. Anyway thanks for your suggestion.

Any mechanical modification of the UR arms would void the warranty,
I would strongly urge you to not perform this operation.

In stead, I would recommend mounting the robot on a linear rail (“7th axis”) or extend the end-effector, as @david.fira-mladinesc suggested.

Hello Jacob,
Thanks for your reply and your suggestion of adding a 7th axis to the robot. I guess that’s a better solution for our problem as extending the end effector will not fully solve our issue.We will choose this option in future.Thanks.