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Export whole programm

Is it possible to export the Robot Program as a PDF or JPG/PNG file?

Like in this example from the manual, you can’t read the programm properly:


In long lines from comments or script lines you can’t read the whole line even if you expand the programm window.

I want to document a long programm, but couldn’t find a way to show the whole programm itself.

There are two ways to see the program tree that I know of…

Open the text file associated with that program. It will have the node list you see in the TP but it will only be the text name of the node, it will not have any of the setting or waypoint info. Will look like this:

     Pick_Another≔ True 
     'Start with the following case if:'
     'Case 1: Door open, no part in chuck'
     'Case 2: Door closed, finished part in chuck'
     'Case 3: Raw part in gripper'
     'Case 4: Door open, raw part in chuck'
     'Case 5: Finished part in gripper'
     finished_part≔ False 
     grpr_2_full≔ False 
     Gripper Activate
     Gripper Move60% (1)
     Gripper Close (2)
     'Sequence_Var≔'Select sequence to test, or comment out for regular operation''
   Robot Program
     Switch Sequence_Var
       Case 1
         'Pickup Parts from Pallet'
         If Pick_Another≟ True 

The second way, on the teach pendant, is to click the little “hide” buttons on the side of the node list. That will close or open the other two side panels and show the entire program node list on the teach pendant.

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With the CB3 series it isn’t possible to expand the programm window to fullscreen. But with the e-series it is exactly how i needed.
Thank you very much.

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