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Ethernet IP Communication from PLC

I have a question about Ethernet IP communication.

Our questions are:
In this project, there is a problem in using ethernetIP communication method using UR and LS PLC. (LS PLC is LS electric’s power line communication)

Communication module: XBL-EiPT

Data can be sent and received between each other via Ethernet connection.
The count and the number of errors increase simultaneously.
The ACT lamp (in communication) flashes.
The ping test comes out as normal.

When registered in XBL-EiPT as an open EDS file, the OS version of the UniversalRobot.eds file is 1.1, and the PLC version is not read in OS version 1.1. PLC can read version 2.0 or higher.

Can we get the file of .eds higher version than the 1.1 version?
If it is connected, please write comment about the I/O address of the UR robot.
Thank you!