EtherCAT - simple communication

Is there a way to implement EtherCAT communication on the UR?
the robot would only send a certain integers or floats, and receive one float - very simple - EtherCAT is only solution

  1. There is a java wrapper around SOEM ( Simple Open EtherCAT Master Library), so maybe it can be used in the construction of URCap - but in the examples of this library, a thread is opened, which should be in operation all the time in order to maintain communication (and with URCap, the data for each node is placed into the data block and then the generate script function is executed when it reaches that line in the robot’s main program tree)
  2. Daemon- and I don’t know how it would start via the daemon:
    Python - 0 info about EtherCAT in Python
    C++ daemon - but how to import the C++ SOEM library? I don’t know where to start

If someone has worked with EtherCAT, it would be a great help