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Error Code C740A0


There was an error in my E-series robot
The error code is C740A0: Critical error
How can I solve this?

The I/O connector was removed, the robot power cable was checked, and the software was upgraded to version 5.9.1.

Still can’t solve it.


Are you using a OEM DC controller?

I am having the same error code. Ur10e, robotiq 2f140 gripper and vention linear rail. The code appears on startup, just after robot initialization. The controller is OEM

Hi @gegardne,

Try to replace the energy eater to see whether it is helpful.


Thanks for the reply but I’m not sure what you mean by energy eater. I have found that the gripper is causing the fault - when it is removed the robot is able to boot without error. However, I still don’t understand why it started causing this issue in the first place. To begin troubleshooting, I’m trying to update polyscope from 5.5 to 5.11, however I am getting another error screen that says “Universal robots rescue: failure mounting drive”- I’ve tried to download again, but the same issue with both downloads.

Hi Gegardne,

I suggest you to contact the local distributor which you buy from for these service issues.