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.eds file for v3.9

Hello together,

in version 3.9 the number ofgeneral purpose registers is doubled.
To communicate between a PLC and the robot via Ethernet/IP, I need an updated .eds-file with all new registers.
I could not find it in the download area.
Where can I get net latest version?

Thank you!

I believe the number of registers was doubled so that both the RTDE and fieldbus connections could use them simultaneously. So as far as Ethernet/IP is concerned, it can only access half of them (other half needs to remain open for RTDE) and as such there’s no new EDS. Are you having issues using the existing EDS on 3.9?

Thanks for your anwer.
After re-reading patchnotes, I guess you are right.
No issues so far, we did not change to 3.9 yet.