Editing Files While They Are Running... WHY!?

When your program is running you can click nodes and add them to the program.

While it is running.

Of course it stops the program which is a giant pain in the ass to begin with, but the fact that you can make edits while the program is running begs the question “why?”

I’m sure the fine folks at UR have thought about this. Why do you allow it? Is there something I’m missing?

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The program can’t be modified while running because it has to be compiled into an .urp file and loaded to the volatile memory of the SCB first.

I assume this process can’t be done on the run, or may be it’s to complex to develop such a functionality and perhaps it’s not safe or desirable to be done that way.

Answering to your question, if they wanted to prevent yo from modifying the program nodes on the run they should add a functionality to auto-lock the node tabs, and that would add another step to your programming/debugging process, because you should stop the program before adding or modifying nodes.

In my opinion the devs didtn’t do it like that, because they know you will understand that add/mod nodes on the run stops the program after trying it a few times :wink:

Anibal Hillier

The program absolutely CAN be modified while running. I’ve done it half a dozen times in 3 years. :frowning:

If you accidentally touch a node on the left or something on the panel on the right it stops the program and makes the change.

When RUNNING A PROGRAM the ability to add or modify nodes SHOULD BE DISABLED.

^^^ That’s my point. ^^^

yes, I undersand your point. What I meant is that you cannot dinamically modify the program while it’s still running. The program stops as soon as you introduce a new node or modify one (as we already know), so if you don’t want to mess up with the program you shoud run it from the Run tab instead of the Program tab.

If you still want this to happen:
When RUNNING A PROGRAM the ability to add or modify nodes SHOULD BE DISABLED.
you can post it as a feature request for some future update

Anibal Hillier

No thanks. For various reasons.

The Doosan cobots don’t allow changes while running. No CNC I’ve ever run has allowed it unless you enter a specific “background edit” mode.