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Can't Save Polyscope Program While Running Any More

I always assumed Polyscope ran a cached version of the program because up until the latest version I was always able to save a modified program while it was running without having the robot stop.

The dirty file flag is my notification that I have made changes and not until I ran a few parts off the pallet would I save it (making sure I wanted the changes).

Can we have this back?

Please and thank you.



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Can’t say I’ve ever noticed the prior behavior. Polyscope runs its generateScript() methods on both Play and Save, so if something is being generated that for whatever reason required robot time, it would probably stop.

I’ve never been bitten by Save As-ing a file. I HAVE been bitten by NOT saving and then losing power, forgetting, etc. If I were you, I would just SaveAs my program as programName_inProgress, or something similar as soon as you make a change. If you aren’t happy, reload programName and you’re back where you started. If you’re happy with your change, SaveAs the _inProgress version back to the original.

That’s not what I meant. Lemme see if I can re-phrase it. :slight_smile:

When I am making new programs I make one (or several) changes then test the program before saving.

In the old polyscope I could hit SAVE while the program was running and it would save and keep running.

In the new polyscope I hit SAVE it it stops the program.

I have two UR10e’s one with an older version of Polyscope that still saves while running and one with a newer version of Polyscope that STOPS a running program when you hit save.

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it’s not working for me could you please also mention the source?

What’s the last version it worked on? I remember this too. Feel like I’ve had it work recently depending on what’s being saved.

What’s not working, and the source for what?

I think I skipped a version before this and have since updated both robots, but it no longer works in my current version 5.10. It worked in 5.7 and I think one point update after that but don’t remember for sure.

I think you may be right. When I get done with the run I’m doing I will test saving during different parts of the program.

I just tried this on polyscope 5.11.5. When a program is running and I do a ‘save as’ it stops the program. However, if I do a save all it does not stop. Maybe that is a useful workaround?